About Avanti (abi)


Avanti (abi) opened to its first clients in June 2003, offering unique alternative community-based rehabilitation services for people living with a non-progressive acquired brain injury. Our dedicated brain injury support and rehabilitation therapy team offers flexible services that respond to client needs and interests. This approach helps clients to achieve their potential in relaxed surroundings and within their own locality.

Our aims:
To provide affordable, flexible and accessible community-based specialised rehabilitation for people living with acquired brain injury in Hastings and surrounding areas.

Our objectives:
To enable people to access rehabilitation in their own locality in order to promote independence and improved quality of life through the development of sustainable coping strategies, activities and skills.

Training and contact:
In addition to client based programmes, we offer training, support and education relevant to family members and people working with acquired brain injury.

Other services:
We are also able to offer assessment and treatment using the Saebo Stretch©, Saebo Flex© and Saebo Reach© hand/arm training programmes, Mobiliser and acupunture.

For further information on these treatments please contact us.

Here are some of our  client testimonials.