Our Programmes.

Centre-based programmes:
Clients benefit from individual rehabilitation programmes aimed at regaining and developing skills essential for leading meaningful and fulfilling lives, and from the support and social interaction available from group activities in a relaxed environment within the centre. In addition, clients can gain access to community-based activities where appropriate.

Therapeutic activities include: Neuro-physiotherapy, Neuro-psychology, Occupational therapy, Hydrotherapy, Speech and language therapy, brain injury education, cognitive rehabilitation addressing impairments including memory, planning, problem solving, anger management, information processing, communication and social skills, self esteem, social interaction and group work, gardening, cooking, computing, arts and crafts, pottery, games, massage, reflexology, yoga, tai chi, EFT, Mobiliser, Saebo©, fitness, relaxation sessions, outings and other therapeutic activities as required.

Home-based programmes:
Individual home-based rehabilitation programmes are also available which help clients to develop skills that enable them to develop greater independence. Where appropriate, clients can also be supported in accessing vocational and educational activities.

Individually tailored programmes are designed to address difficulties in any aspect of independent living, including cognitive rehabilitation, developing strategies to cope with impairments, establishing routines, planning and preparing meals, budgeting and shopping, dealing with post and bills, maintaining a safe and hygienic environment in the home. Programmes can also provide support with access to community activities and resources, including GP, hospital and other appointments.