About Brain Injury.


Acquired brain injury (caused by either traumatic injury, i.e. head injury, or non-traumatic injury from illness or disease) often results in difficulties that can affect all aspects of a person's life and can also affect their families and friends.

The difficulties experienced as a consequence of an acquired brain injury can include:


  • attention and concentration

  • changes in personality and behaviour

  • emotionality

  • epilepsy

  • information processing

  • language and communication

  • memory

  • motivation

  • movement and other physical impairments

  • perception

  • planning

  • problem solving

  • self confidence


Many people find it very difficult to cope with the demands of everyday life once they return home and need appropriate specialised help in their own locality to help them to regain lost skills and learn to adjust to living with an acquired brain injury.
If you or someone you know is affected by the consequences of an acquired brain injury please contact us at Avanti (abi) to find out whether we can help you.