Scope of Service.

In order to provide a high quality service it is important that we only work with people within the client group for which Avanti (abi) is equipped: i.e. people with a non-progressive, acquired brain injury, aged over 18.

This important for two reasons:


  • Avanti (abi) only has the expertise to work with its member client group; different legislation and rules apply and are interpreted differently for different client groups.

  • Avanti (abi) only has the capacity to work with its member client group as the centre-based service is restricted to a maximum of 16 clients per day, operating 5 days per week. This level of service ensures that adequate time and consideration can be given to the individual needs and requirements of each client.


Carers/family involvement.

We host a variety of social events and workshops addressing various aspects around brain injury. We are keen to develop other activities to include carers, friends and family and welcome your suggestions. We also have a membership group (Friends of Avanti) that are involved with fundraising and raising awareness about acquired brain injuries. If you feel that you might be interested in becoming a "Friend" please let us know.