Referral Procedure.


Referral and Admissions Procedure.

  1. The eligibity of the client to use Avanti (abi)'s services is assessed during the first contact using the eligibility criteria.

  2. A meeting will be arranged at Avanti (abi) where both parties can assess whether the service would be suitable.

  3. Anyone who does not meet the eligibility criteria or whose request for assistance cannot be met by Avanti (abi) will be signposted to another appropriate agency. The reasons for not working with the client will be given.

  4. It will be made clear at the outset if funding needs to be arranged (PCT, Adult Social Care) and that services funded by Adult Social Care may require a contribution (day and home based services). If funding is required a referral will be made to the PCT or Adult Social Care for assessment. This referral can be made by Avanti (abi) or by the client, as appropriate. The client must be informed that the decision to access funding rests with the funders.

  5. In certain circumstances it may be possible to access funding through alternative routes (i.e. employers or insurance companies). If appropriate, Avanti (abi) assessors can assist with any alternative applications for funding.

  6. All clients will be informed of the complaints and comments procedure.


If the client needs a service that Avanti (abi) cannot deliver, (s)he will be referred to an appropriate agency - with the client's consent.